Rethink Your Stance On Abortion

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 I have spent a lot of time looking over different arguments pro and con for this particular issue while also watching a lot of videos. As a result unfortunately it doesn't seem that the pro-choice arguments are really that strongly anchored.

 First of all their argument her body, her choice is a lie. When a woman becomes pregnant the fetus is an invasive foreign body in which the woman's body would normally attack and kill it but due to the miracle of the human body and a partially understood process that is fortunately stopped. So if the child is of her own body then why would this process be necessary to stop the killing of the child?

 Second all of life is sacred and as soon as it is conceived it should be treated as the living being that it is. And although we can't control how long that life may be or how it may end there should at least be a slender chance that the person lives for you never know what contributions they may make to better the world.

 Third there are so many people who want children who cannot and even though the system may be messed up the child deserves a chance to find the family that will care for them and help them to be the best they can be. There are even individuals who foster or adopt those with special needs so why are we so willing to discount their lives without giving them consideration? Aren't there so many people whose lives have proven that we shouldn't base the book on its cover and that they have bypassed the odds?

 And there are most definitely other reasons as well but I won't go into them for now

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