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 Introduction: How Wolves Changed Rivers by 1. For More Wonder, Rewild the World by George Monbiat 2. How I Use the Drum To Tell My Story by Kasiva Mutua 3. Why Women Should Tell the Stories of Humanity by Jude Kelly 4. Nature. Beauty. Gratitude by Louie Schwartzberg 5. Remember to Say Thank You by Laura Trice 6. How Trees Talk To Each Other by Suzanne Simard 7. You Owe It To Yourself To Experience A Total Solar Eclipse by David Baron 8. Life Lessons From Big Cats by Beverly + Dereck Joubert 9. How the Teddy Bear Taught Us Compassion by Jon Mooallem 10. How Books Can Open Your Mind by Lisa Bu  

 I love how there is access to intelligent talks and that the subjects vary so much thus giving a person who is eager to hear and know access to a treasure hoard of knowledge and new ideas. Unfortunately even though I was introduced to it several years ago I haven't been able to get in touch with it since given to its own various reasons.

 When I finally chose that I was now ready and had everything that could provide me with access it just didn't seem to want to work. Tuesday our web went down after I took my husband the wedding ring and cell that he had forgotten. And the only time I had to myself was now gone.

 Fortunately I have a sweet husband who deals with my strange quirks and moods. When I asked him he agreed to it and at least listened to bits and pieces of 9 of them. But I struggled with getting the talks to play.Those on the site kept freezing thus not allowing you to watch the speakers or the pictures that they brought. I tried Youtube but it was just an audio and our app-included television didn't carry it either. Meanwhile a website said that Netflix carried the talks but I only found old remnants that suggested they may have one been there and just one talk.

 And so biting my tongue I had to go with playing it on my phone. The playing came through, the volume is louder than on the laptop and that is how I completed this goal. I just wish that it had been easier to access these talks instead of such a struggle to see them so clearly.

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