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 I am still not quite sure what the name for this phenomena is but I have only seen it twice and both of them in skies where the sun has been setting. Interestingly enough both events have been while I was traveling home in October - one in 2015 and one in 2016 - although the previous one I couldn't snap a pic as the sun was directly in our eyes while this was the sun was covered by some dark clouds.

 This is a beautiful phenomena and one that charms me for rainbows are so beautiful but with this particular event it makes them mysterious. The event doesn't last long but since you had already seen it your eyes are fixated on it while allowing you to still see the beautiful colors even when it starts to fade although in this second case it faded then got stronger before fading out again.

 There were definitely more witnesses to this second event and I was happy to bring it up to the rest of the people in the car as the rare event that it is. Love it!


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