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Kawaii Monster Cafe is the newest attraction in Tokyo's fashionable neighbourhood Harajuku. Created by the famous art designer Sebastian Masuda, this unusual cafe will surprise you with its edgy and colourful interior and menu.


  • -Reserve seats for the most peculiar cafe in Harajuku
  • -Explore the crazy interior and learn more about Sebastian Masuda's unique art design
  • -Enjoy the colourful surroundings of the different areas inside the cafe
  • -Eat delicious food prepared in a very fashionable way
  • Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku, Tokyo, opened in the summer of 2015 under the concept of "swallowing everything around the fashion mecca like a monster" and represents a distinctively new approach to pop-art and dining. The cafe was born as a creation of the widely acclaimed modern art designer Sebastian Masuda who fascinates the world with his peculiar take on "kawaii" (cuteness). Having previously worked on the music videos of the famous J-pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Sebastian Masuda incorporated his edgy vision of art and fashion into a flashy colourful interior that suits the concept of engulfing the trendiest urban cultures in Tokyo. Visitors enter the Kawaii Monster Cafe through the mouth of a giant monster and find themselves inside a gaudy space of glitter, clashing colours and unique design. Lovers of contemporary pop-art will be thrilled to discover edgy installations such as the cake-shaped merry-go-round, and will continue to explore the different areas of this crazy cafe: - Mushroom Disco, a space in which giant poisonous mushrooms coexist with colourful candies as part of the interior. - Milk Stand, where cute but slightly twisted figures of animals drink from baby milk bottles. - Bar Experiment, the deep sea world surrounded by glowing jellyfish tentacles. - Mel-Tea Room, where ants lead the guests to melting ice cream and sweets. The food and drinks served here complement the wacky interior and guarantee that guests will have an unforgettable dining experience of fashion and art. In addition, Kawaii Monster Cafe is home to five mascot Monster Girls whose visual appearance helps create an atmosphere of a fascinating otherworldliness. They will help the guest find their seat into this labyrinth of colours and shapes, and recommend the best of the artistic menu. A visit to Kaiwaii Monster Cafe is strongly recommended for all visitors to Tokyo who wish to experience something extraordinary while acquainting themselves with the latest trends in Harajuku's urban pop-culture and fashion. 


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