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  1.  National No Rhyme nor Reason Day- It was just a random day full of things I did for no reason in particular 
  2. National Blueberry Popsicle Day- I couldn't find a blueberry popsicle 
  3. National Welsh Rarebit Day- I just melted some velveeta over a slice of thick bread haha 
  4. *National Wildlife Day- I technically see wildlife everyday. The small town I live in is right next to the forest and mountains so I see deer everyday. This one was chilling right next to the bank. 
  5. National Cheese Pizza Day- Just plain cheese pizza is one of my least favorites...so I had a few bites of a cheap personal pizza. 
  6. National Read a Book Day- Finished reading Dark Harvest.....interesting book....
  7. National Beer Lover's Day- I got a beer after work 
  8. National Ampersand (&) Day- So not really sure how to celebrate this.....tried to use & as much as possible today when texting and today 
  9. National Teddy Bear Day- I played with my son and his teddy bears and listened to and watched the "Teddy Bear say good night" lulluby with my son 
  10. National Swap Ideas Day- I am always swapping ideas with either my bf or coworkers, so this was easy! 
  11. National Make Your Bed Day- I make my bed everyday so this was easy as well haha 
  12. National Day of Encouragement Day- I encouraged my boyfriend to ask his boss for a higher position at his work since he deserves it. 
  13. National Peanut Day- I took a short cut on this day and watched a "peanut" Charlie Brown cartoon.
  14. National Live Creative Day- I started coloring one of those fuzzy posters =P haha 
  15. *National Creme De Mente Day- I got a mint oreo blizzard with m&ms =D 
  16. National Working Parents Day- I worked that day.....I work at Dairy Queen so its not like its hard lol 
  17. National Constitution and Citizenship Day- I read a little of the consitution 
  18. National Cheeseburger Day- I got a cheeseburger at work 
  19. National Talk Like a Pirate Day- I tried talking like a pirate but forgot about it half way through the day lol 
  20. National Punch Day-I had some fruit punch at work 
  21. National Pecan Cookie Day- I ate a pecan cookie...not my fave 
  22. National Ice Cream Cone Day- I got a twist cone at work (half chocolate/half vanilla) 
  23. *National Chicken Pot Pie Day- I got one of the little mini personal chicken pot pies haha 
  24. National Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving Day- Had no idea what this even was...so I looked into it a little 
  25. National One-Hit Wonders Day- I listened to one hit wonders all day, from the 70's till today
  26. National Johnny Appleseed Day- I ate a apple lol 
  27. National Chocolate Milk Day- I drank some chocolate milk 
  28. National Strawberry Cream Pie Day- I made a strawberry cheesecake blizzard at work because it close enough lol
  29. National Coffee Day- I don't drink coffee, but I made frozen coffee drinks at work 
  30. National Chewing Gum Day- I chewed a piece of gum 

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