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We have a fun Easter tradition called the secret snowdrop letter. It is send to our loved ones a few days before Easter. The letters are papers with fine, intricate patterns cut into them and have small poems or riddles written on them. The guessing game comes into play because in place of the sender's name, you're supposed to place dots - one for each letter in the name. The recipient has to guess who the sender is. And if they can't, they owe him or her an Easter Egg and vice versa. You can make the letter yourself or you can buy one in bookstores.

The flower " snowdrop" usually begins to bloom in the thick of winter, ushering in the first signs of spring and teasing the winter with its presence. And so it's traditional to include the flower in the secret snowdrop letter. 

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Send a lovely Easter package filled with chocolate eggs and small Easter chickens.
Wait until they guess who sent the letter.
Send the secret snowdrop letter.
Send an (anonymous) explanatory letter before the secret snowdrop letter.