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You can go up the Eiffel Tower using the lifts but you can also choose the stairs if you really want to explore the tower from every angle and enjoy a walk which really is quite unlike anything else. The unique sensation of being outside and inside at the same time !

The lifts

Three lifts (North, East, and West pillars ) will take you up to the 1st and 2nd floors (115m). If you want to go to the top (276m), you need to change lifts at the 2nd floor.

Of the Eiffel Tower’s three lifts, one or two of them are of an open design (the others being closed depending on maintenance or safety requirements).

At busy periods, you should expect to have to queue to use the lifts.

The floors

Why not take a walk within the very metallic structure ?

The stairs which are open to the public go up to the 2nd floor (115m). You can enjoy climbing up the tower at your own pace but at least when you get to the top you’ll have the satisfaction of having made it up 704 steps.

And those of you who are less into sport, you can choose to come down by foot! It’s a more relaxing walk but every bit as spectacular.


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