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 The first election I voted in was the 2017 election between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. I was passionate about starting to vote because I wanted to be a part in sharing my opinions and preventing (or at least being a part of preventing Donald to be put into office). I started out strongly voting for Bernie because I believe he could have made the most change in our country both for the people and for the environment. He was very focused on helping fix enviromental issues where as the other two candidates expressed little to no interest in that subject. However when he was out of the running I fully and open heartedly voted for Hillary Clinton, because she was qualified and would be a good present and keep our country and its people safe and equal. Donald Trump as a candidate was astounding. He had no government experience, wanted to build a wall between us and mexico and not let mexicans in, he was very racist and sexist towards women and overall was not professional in his governemtn dealings. He went around saying if his daughter wasn't his daughter he would undoubtedly fuck her. Anyway Donald Trump was far from qualified and ended up winning this election. After he was elected there were world wide womens marches (that both men and women participated in). Everyone marched around different parts of the worlds with signs and pink cat ear (or pussy hats) were a huge symbol of standing up against our new president. 

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