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Go to Montreal and Speak French

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Went up with Martina, Jina, Ricky, Anu and Sondra. 

Jina, Ricky, maritina and I drove up to skidmore and from there we went in Sondras car to montreal. Martina peed in a cup as we were passing the canadian border. the most hilarious thing I've ever expereinced. 

We then spent another 4 hours driving less than a mile. we played games like a cube, ladder, horse, rainstorm, analysis. then we played essense.

when we finally got to the house we rented, it was really nice. We changed and went out for the night. we got food at le deux gamins. got wine and great food. I spoke to the waiter in french and with Ricky. there was a really goodlooking guy and his girlfriend sitting next to us. we asked him to take a picture of us and he took two but kept cutting out anu. Hysterical. We made a joke that we would only get hot guys to take pictures of us. and kept playing the 0, 1 game. 

This was in a really nice part of montreal. we walked around for a while and then went to a tequila bar. we drank three shots and stared playing never have i ever. the losers, sondra and ricky, had to go ask a random person for their number. ricky just asked some girl and she said no. sondra kept saying that she'll do it by the end of the night. I knew she was lieing. lol i started dancing with anu. ricky, martina, sondra, etc. the hustle, moving my hips. we had fun. then as we were about to leave, a guy, dave,  from toronto, came up and asked what kind of dancing we were doing and asked me to teach him some moves. I said sure, but I have a feeling he already knew how to salsa, beacuse he knew how to lead. It was hot. he offered us drinks and we started talking for a while. 

then martina took me aside and said, "he wants you, he's practically in your mouth." i blushed. I said we prob had to leave soon. Although he was gorgeous, a random hookup with a guy who makes music videos, whatever that means, in a bar is not how i imagined my first at bat. So Martina a few min later said that she was tired and wanted to go home. I told dave that it was nice meeting him and hope he has a great time at the bachelor party. 

we left the bar and it was pouring outside. so we ran in the rain. we kept asking random guys on the street for the numbers for sondra, because we knew she wasn't going to do it herself. we met theses guys, seniors in high school but were epically deuches. it was funny though talking to them. we finally got on the train and went home, changed,  and went to bed. 

when we woke up the following morning we got ready to go to old montreal. we got a full day u2 pass, because we were trying to use american dollars. it worked out in our favor. we got breakfast, can i say it was bretty bad but funny expereince. they mixed up by order twice, i had water dripping on me from the ac. we talked a lot about the past year and the changes we had been going through.  i think it bonded us more as friends. 

then we walked around got to the tourist place who told us that there were fireworks that night that we should see and some other cool things around town like parades. we saw the carribean parade. we were busting a move with them. Then we went to marie reine du monde church and crashed a wedding. Sondra had never been to a wedding so we crossed that off her bucket list. through out the day we saw 10 brides. we kept taling photos of them. we went to 10 weddings. lol hahah. we played in fountains because it was blistering hot out. i got a tan on my back from breakfast. Anu got 10 shades darker then too. we then passed by the hotel that u2 was staying at. we hung around there to see if they would come out but none of us cared that much to keep waiting for more than 10 mins. 

then martina said lets go into this book store. it turned out to be a convenience store. people got drinks. the owner was named ibrahim and he was telling us life lessons that were important. it was really funny. we spent a a half hour there. lol some of the points include:

   1. do not look into the past, you live too much in the past. when you have expereinced something then it is over

   2. but do not learn from books, but from expereinces. 

   3. people are too engrossed with other peoples lives

   4. ricky is going to be brain surgeon, economics is not a real science, so jina fails, i'm business so be careful of me. 

There was more. it was great comedy but had some valid  points there too. 

THen we went to the Notre Dame Bascilica. It was the most beautiful church. As art history buffs from senior year, we all discussed the muslim influences that were within the architechture. by the way we had to pay $5 to get in. Ricky helped me get more involved with using my camera, whcih was fun. he has really steady hands and with the lighting it was necessary because i couldnt get the aperature to be faster. ricky took maritna to the front of the church and got down and one knee and took my ring and proposed. there were people looking. it was funny. her response was "eww" lol. 

we got some icecream, macaroons, cupcakes at la glaceurs. then more fountain plays. we went to teh heart of le vieux montreal. and saw a lot of the artisan work, there was jewelry lots of caricature or portrature stations. martina bought some jewelry and so did ricky for his mom. martina got hers  a cheaper because she spoke italian to the vendor! Got MARTY! we also got these head massagers. so amazing. 

then we asked around for a good place to eat that wasn't super expensive. these two ladies recommended le bourlingeuer. we had to wait an hour and half to get in. we did a massage train on the steps of a historic building. while waiting, i lied down in the middle of the road and it was exhilerating. it was very notebook but i had fun. agian with the 01 game. the food was great. we ate 5 bowls of bread. everytime we finised, the put another one on the table. we had two waiters so we strategically asked every other person for more bread when we ran out. we also told them that it was martinas birthday. lol

after that we went to the fireworks on the pier. it lasted for about 20-30 mins. everytime we thought it was over, it started up again. when we got home, we all passed out. 

the final day was lots of fun. we went to the jean talon market, which was amazing. i spoke to a lot of people in french there. there were lots of vendors, which produce, desserts, cheese, monteal wine. then we went to plateau royal and had a picnic. great food. we just munched down everything. then we had to back home. we drove back to skidmore, dropped off sondra. we then went to albany got lost trying to find suny albany circle or something. it turned out what we thought was a lawn was really a large circle. lol then we head on home. It was a great trip. I'm glad i went with them. I spoke french and had a lot of adventures. 

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