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Only three per cent of smokers try to give up at New Calendar year and a quarter of Britons think it is actually a good excuse to delay quitting, a study said today. Despite my attitude I actually made it eight months, but my first nicotine-free summer (2007) came and everything the free time and all the outdoor triggers helped bring my nicotine junkie out in full pressure and I gave up my quit one night time at a celebration. The next morning I found I got craving nicotine, and it was physical now, not mental nowadays. I emailed the administrators of the site, admitted what I'd done, and quit my membership. Im uncomfortable with the emerging data on Ecigarettes either with regards basic safety, and would suggest only very shot term use. In the long run it will be a mixture of things which will be the main element to ones success. It'll generally involve change. You may have to totally change your social life or work environment in order to achieve success. Don't be afraid of change; instead hold the courage to accept it. Good luck. Suggestions include: go for a walk, drink one glass of water, kiss your lover or child, put the ball for your dog, play a casino game, wash the car, remove a cupboard or closet, have sex, chew a piece of gum, wash your face, brush your pearly whites, take a nap, get a sit down elsewhere or tea, practice your deep breathing, light a candle. Make copies of the list and keep one along at all times so when the craving visits, you can whip out the list and quickly take action from it. There are also electronic cigarette smoking (e-cigarettes). They are made to look and feel like normal smoking. They have a heating up element inside that vaporises a solution - this looks like smoke. It may also contain nicotine. They may be substituted for normal cigarettes or cigars. There exists some uncertainty whether this is more effective than the different ways of halting smoking. A recent research paper from your Lancet (see under 'Personal references' at the end of the leaflet) demonstrated that the e-cigarettes were as effective as nicotine patches. Further studies are had a need to ensure they may be safe to use more than a length of time. Understand that everyone will help. Your GP can give you advice how to improve your habitual behaviour, and can encourage you by monitoring the improvement in your health as you stay from the cigs. If you ask, your family and friends can help you sustain your willpower. After all, if you stop smoking, you stop polluting their atmosphere too. The vast majority of smokers would like to quit, and you may discover that even smokers will be supportive of your quitting.

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