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 Are you sitting comfortable dear readers? Then let me tell you the tale of the most unsettling tourist attraction ever . . The Capucchin  Monk Catacombs in Palermo where around 8,000 mummified and skeletal bodies reside.

Bodies are strung up in alcoves or lying in glass fronted or decaying wooden coffins stacked three or four high.

There’s a women’s section, men’s, professionals, priests and saddest of all – one for children and babies.

You can still catch glimpses of the finery that they were interred in. Women with satin and lace gowns and little girls with tattered floral garlands in their hair.

When you initially enter, along with a gaggle of chattering tourists, you can’t quite believe what you’re seeing. One too many late night horror films might have inured you to bone, and skin and death.

But linger a while. Wait till the crowds disappear and take another slow walk around. That’s when a palpable dread starts to descend.

That’s when it becomes a little too plausible that the dead might stretch bony arms and turn curious, empty eye sockets towards the living.

Check out some of the unsettling sights to be had in the crypt here

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