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Worlds largest information technology company, APPLE has designed the smart watch called APPLE smart watch. This watch has extremely good features, it includes fitness tracking and health oriented capabilities. Apple watch has great demand in the market and it is increasing as the time passes. 


Setting up of Apple watch is little complicated and user needs to follow some simple steps. 

The basic requirement of setting this watch is iPhone 5 or its latest version. Turn on your iPhone Bluetooth. Make sure that your iPhone device should be connected to a WiFi connection or cellular data and turn on your Apple watch. Keep iPhone and Apple Watch as close as possible as they sync. 

If your Bluetooth is not getting on then you can contact iPhone customer support by clicking iPhone customer support number 

Following steps should be followed to setup the Apple watch- 

Turning on Apple watch- Press and hold the side button on Apple watch to turn it on, it will take few seconds to turn on. Select a language and select the region. 

  • Tap start pairing on both devices i.e. on iPhone and on watch too. Wait for the animation to appear on Apple watch. Keep your iPhone with camera ON above this animation and wait for a message that indicates that your Apple watch is paired. You can pair the watch manually also. 
  • Set up and picking a wrist- On iPhone tap set up as a new watch, if you have done this before, restore it from backup. Select the wrist on which you want to wear the watch and tap Agree button after reading the terms and conditions.
  •  If activation lock screen appears on iPhone it means that your watch is linked to Apple id. Enter Apple id and password to continue setup. 
  • Set up route tracking- Watch will show various option like, whether you want to track your workout, weather, etc. Select the options among them. 
  • Sign in with Apple id- To use the features like digital touch, APP pay you need to sign in with your Apple id. 
  • Creating a passcode- Tap create a passcode button on iPhone and switch to watch and enter the code. Select YES or NO whether you want to unlock your watch when you unlock your iPhone. 
  • Sync of Apps- Select the Apps that you want them to use with your Apple watch. Only the Apps that are compatible with watch will be sync. Wait for iPhone and watch to get sync. Make sure that you are connected to internet connection because sync depends on the connectivity and amount of data to be sync too.
  • Now your Apple watch is ready to use. 
  • If you are facing any problem during sync, then you can have your solution by clicking on 






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