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I am happy to learn it (the hard way). I realize I had been collecting stuff (unconciously) for years! I've got 4 kids and a rented house. I started working on minimizing my (my kids' and husband's and parents' stuff which they "kindly" brought) stuff 2 years ago... throwing out the junk. 3 big lorries of junk. I still had got plenty... Do not think I lived like a homeless person on trash. No. I was just surrounded by the stuff we didn't use anymore or the one which was broken and "could be mended" etc. We've moved to another house (2 months ago) and I was very strict about what we really needed to take with us. I am happy that nowadays I easily throw out or give away what I do not need or like anymore. I do it right away. I do not wait a single second. I am scared of having that pile of junk again. Empty clean surfaces is my style nowadays!!!

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