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Iphone feature support service. We are going to help you about your iphone feature issues. Iphone has many features that sometimes user can’t understand we are going to explain their issues. 

While increasing on market demand apple increases many features in their iphone. Iphone enhancing its features day by day. Its operating system ios was also upgraded as the current o.s of iphone was ios 10 which is fully loaded with lots of new and enhanced features. The users are enjoying its feature but some of the user faces some difficulties while using it. 

So we are going to discuss some feature support of iPhone. 


The setup of new iPhone is not so tough. You must need a wifi connection to setup your device.Now I am going to explain setup process step by step. 

•Connect to wifi  

•Set the date and time 

•Set language for your iPhone  

•Create an apple id 

•Sign in with your apple id 


When you iPhone is ready to use after sign into iphone then you can use iphone apps to use its service. Let us discuss how to use message and mail apps. 

•Use the message app to send text, photos and more  

•Can’t send or receive message get help on Apple Tech support.

•Add an email account to your iPhone 


The iPhone O.S named IOS will add its feature time to time and give updates to its user. we will discuss the updates and issues here. 

•Update the ios software on your iphone  

•If ios need more space for update then get help  

•Resolve ios update and restore errors in iTunes. 


To encrypt data and to secure data the user must have to backup data through the cloud in iPhone.The user must have to create a backup for their iphone data which will help if iphone is broken or stolen somewhere. 

This feature is very helpful for the iphone users to secure their data. If user can found any difficulties in data backup than they can contact on iphone customer support



From this article we are sure that this article will help the iphone user in using its feature . For any further assistance, you can visit our site or contact on given website https://iphonesupport.net/i-tunes-support-number/


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