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1. Eat a whole pineapple Challenge- Bleeding lips made it look as if I was wearing rogue lipstick for a couple of days. Painfully acidic but a tasty fruit, fulfilling my childhood wish to eat a whole one. How Bad? = 7/10

2. The Cinnamon Challenge- No side effects at first so like an idiot I took another spoon to result in coughing and a need for litres of water; luckily no gag reflex. How Bad? 5/10.

3. Mentos & Diet Coke Challenge- A funny sight done in public. Should not have worn a white top. How Bad? 5/10.

4. Chilli Pepper Challenge- I couldn't handle a Caroline Reaper which is 2,200,000 SHU after my friend ate one in front of me and drunk all the milk. So instead I ate a Dorset Naga Chilli Peper which is 1 million- 1.5 million Scovilles and that was a bad enough experience. I think I'll pass on anything spicier being of irish decent we are peoples that struggle with too much spice. How Bad? 9/10.

5. The Sour Challenge- Eating a whole pack of Toxic Waste, a childhood favourite of mine, at the same time. Compared to people on youtube my side effects were less dramatic and rather the longer term effects were bad like not being able to taste properly for a few days and the sides of my mouth feeling so numb it felt like a bee had stung me there. How Bad? 9/10.

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