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Given that historic times men and women have been tempted to cheat to obtain their goals. In the technological innovation period, this cheerleaders are getting to be far more and much more uncomplicated with the new methods of copying at exams. This phenomenon of copying techniques has been growing in Romania since 2004, when the very first designs of earbud earbuds came from Russia. Little by little, the phenomenon gradually grew, and more and a lot more students wanted to consider new approaches to promote any exam without having too a lot effort. Although these techniques have evolved and emerging copying methods are obtaining much better , Starting from a wi-fi microphone that generally transmits seem immediately from the telephone speaker to the earpiece and to undetectable wi-fi cameras able of transmitting the graphic from the exam area for an endless distance to the one particular who dictates the fixing of the test topics. Colleges and higher colleges in Romania have tried to appeal to diverse approaches and jamming devices in opposition to copying helmets, but each and every time there are new products capable of fooling these jamming methods. Among the most typical and used copying sites, we can checklist the micronutrient helmet on the earliest known and magnet helmet, almost certainly utilized at minimum once by any scholar. Recently, most substantial faculty graduates turn to this sort of helmets to promote the baccalaureate exam, the very first important test in their lives. We hope that the academic method will become far more efficient and that this kind of procedures will no more time find its area

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