How does the curl look good

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Large flower hair accessories, easy for use of the location of the error and make the hair and modelling looks vulgar, is the best place to put under the ear or behind their ear, so after no matter once upon a time, seem to have been able to find the existence of flower hair accessories, but in order to balance the proportion, hair fleeciness feeling after the above volume is the best.


How does the curl look good


1. Remove the hair from the top of the head with a comb or a finger to strengthen the puffiness.

2. Brush the hair in the back area of the ear with the hair of the princess, with a slightly fixed hair clip, which makes the back of the head look more circular and less likely to be sent.

3. Adjust the unkiness and the balance of hair, so that the hair appears to belong to the upper half of the arc.

How does the curl look good


4. Spray the styling spray to strengthen the adjustment of the wavy curl, and adjust the hair line with your fingers.

5. Then place the flower hair in the rear position of the ear, which can be seen from the front, back and back.

6. Finally, adjust the back of the head with the sharp tail, and the hair on the top of the head is unkempt, and the high line can have the effect of modifying the face.

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