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On 8 March 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 mysteriously disappeared on it's way from Kuala Lumpur to China, with 239 souls on board. A satellite of Inmarsat picked up some signals that placed the plane, completely out of course, in the Southern India Ocean. Since 29 July 2015, several pieces of wreckage have been washing ashore on South African islands and coastlines. To this day it remains a mystery what happened.

In January 2017, the search operation was called to an end until new and credible evidence to the location of the plane would arise. Without the plane, without answers or closure for the families that lost their loved ones in this heartbreaking tragedy. 

On 10 January 2018 it was announced that US Exploration Firm Ocean Infinity (a technology company specialized in collecting high resolution geophysical seabed data) had reached agreement with the Malaysian government to restart the search for the wreckage of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, Ocean Infinity’s search will focus initially on the zone identified by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.  The vessel, Seabed Constructor will enable work to commence imminently.  The project is expected to last for 90 days.

If you wish to support the MH370 Families to keep the search going, Please sign their (Voice 370) search petition!  MH370 is not History its's the future. Fly Safely.

Answers are important to the flight industry as well to make sure you will have a safe trip!

I have been involved in the search since day one, keeping records, documentation and creating maps in support of the search operations which you can find below: 

Updates in the search of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 (blogs, maps, docs, etc) from 8 March 2014 - recent (ongoing)


Latest Updates (from 3 January 2018 and up): (from 2 Dec 2016 and up) 

Previous updates (from 29 july 2015 - 7 Dec 2016) 

Detailed Debris Overview (Gets updated via this link) 

Debris Overview on Google Maps 

Document prepared for research purpose: #MH370: Looking back into Batavia Area 25S 101E (HAI XUN 01’s 37.5 kHz Ping Detection’s) -27 July 2016

Early Days (2014): 

Documentation (Website): 

Early days Overview (Overview of events in the early days) 

Events Map (Google map/Notebook of events as they were unfolding)

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