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Norton, one of the leading Companies in the world. It is the world’s largest security software provider company.  Security software’s also called antivirus programs, used to protect the computer from the corrupted files and to repair them. 

Some of the best antivirus programs are Avast antivirus, MacAfee anti-virus, Norton Antivirus, etc. To know more about the Norton, click on Norton Support Number

Norton antivirus is among the best antivirus available in the market. There are various ways to get the Norton antivirus. A user can get the Norton antivirus from the CD, or by redeeming the retail card or from a website. 

This article will summarize the steps to get the Norton from the website and some steps to get protection against the antivirus scam

Installing Norton from the website- There are various fake websites available on the internet which attracts the user to download the Norton antivirus. These type of websites can create a problem to users by asking for a huge cost for the Norton, users can also lose their product key by using these type of websites. 

 A user should use only website to get the Norton antivirus. This is the only website for Norton where a user can use its product key without any risk. 

Before downloading the latest version of Norton, make sure that older version is removed from the device. 

·         To download the Norton antivirus, type the in the URL and create a new account. 

·         To redeem the activation code, follow the on screen instructions. 

·         Download the Norton antivirus setup and install the antivirus from it. 

·         After installing the antivirus, restart the computer. 

·         After restarting the computer, open the Norton antivirus program and start the scanning process to remove the corrupted files. 

Antivirus scam- Antivirus programs are very important to us and their demand is increasing day by day. Along with the demand of antiviruses, antivirus scam is also increasing at a rapid rate. This part of the article will summarize some simple steps to help the users to overcome this antivirus scam problem. 

·         Understanding the scam- 

Ø  Typing the in Google search bar instead of URL is the first mistake of the user. Always type the website in the URL. 

Ø  Never enter your activation code on the websites that come with the Ads bar. 

Ø  As typing activation code on these type of websites will direct the user to a web page where a fake message will be appearing on the screen. 

·         Protection against the scam- 

Ø  Always use the website to get the Norton antivirus. 

Ø  Always type the website in the URL instead of Google search bar. 

Ø  Clean Cache and history of the computer at least twice in a month. 


  For any help regarding the Norton antivirus, click on Norton Customer Care

By clicking on this you will able to contact the Norton customer support team and you can get your solution from them. 

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