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A printer, one of the most important parts of the computer. It is used to transfer the graphics or text present on the computer to a paper or to any other physical media. A printer can use for both individuals as well as for organization purpose. The first printer was launched in the 19 century and from then there is a lot of advancement in the printers. There are various printers available in the market like Epson printer, Cisco printer, Dell printer, etc. 

Among all the printers available in the market, Dell printer is best in features and in technology. 

Dell is one of the leading companies in the world which manufactures various products like a laptop, printer, storage device, etc. 

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Just like other printers, Dell printers also have some common problems with it. 

This article will summarize some simple steps to troubleshoot some common problems of Dell printer. 

Paper jam- Paper jam is one of the most common problems of the printer, it happens with all types of printer. Paper jam occurs when a paper gets stuck to the roller of the printer. To overcome this, pull all the papers outside the printer and open it manually by opening the flaps and clean the tray of the printer with the clean cloth. Remove the old printers from the paper bundle as the old paper gets moisture and it gets stuck to the tray of a printer and causes paper jam. 

Network problem- Sometimes it happens that printer receives a printing command but it doesn’t give a print. The reason behind this might be a network problem. To solve this, open printer folder on the desktop and check for any pending tasks. If there is any clear it and try to give print command again. 

Faulty printout- Sometimes printer gives a printout with blurry images and missing texts. It just happens because of the large selected text and because of High resolution images. Reduce the selected text for a printout. Increase the size of the image to reduce the resolution of the image. Reducing the size of the image increases the resolution of the image. 

Ink cartridge- Sometimes it happens that printer gives a printout with a blank page. To overcome this, simply check the ink cartridge of the printer. If the ink cartridge is empty, fill it with ink which is compatible with the printer. 

Channel of the printer- When a wireless printer works slowly, change its channel. It might be possible that the channel on which the printer is working has a huge traffic of other wireless printers, resulting in a slow speed. To overcome this, change the channel of the wireless printer. 

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