The Best Solution to Quit Smoking and Never Ever Smoke Again

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You will find a wide variety of smoking methods out there that it's difficult to know what the simplest way to give up is. And which method gives the best potential for never smoking again? Discover the easiest way to quit smoking in this article.

Where do you begin? On the pills? The patches? The hypnosis? The of stopping smoking is easequit huge and working out what to do can resemble wanting to navigate a minefield. Luckily, I will inform you about the easiest way to stop smoking.

The Problem With Existing Quit Methods

In order that you can realize why the simplest way to quit is the best, you first need to know the failure of all the methods today.

Poor Success Rate

Your investment stats that you have been told - quit rates of 50%, 75% and higher. They are all far from the truth. As an example, an individual might be able to go out of a hypnotist's clinic and be able to quit, maybe 90% of men and women can perform this.

But fast forward 6 months and just how many have started to smoke again? Even better, fast forward 10 years and see exactly how many have started smoking again.

There is only 1 real measure of success of a quit smoking method and that's the long run success rate. Real success is once you never, ever smoke a cigarette again.

Why Are They So Poor?

Every one of these methods are poor because they only control the symptoms of an addiction - the cravings. Many of these methods try to lessen the cravings a smoker gets but they just get it done temporarily and the cravings return.

They never take away the desire for a cigarette. Consider it - desire for a cigarette is like a light switch. Before you're a smoker, you might have been curious, but you never desired a cigarette - that light switch was turned off.

You then became hooked and the light switch was turned on. Everytime you attempt to quit, you never really turn that light off. But what if there is an easy method to achieve that?

The Simplest way To Quit Smoking Forever

The easiest way to stop smoking is not to look of them costing only the apparent symptoms of addiction but the main cause, that light switch. How will you get back to that old state of the light being off, not to having a desire for a cigarette?

The only method you are able to do that's to focus on the addiction itself and to find out the main factors behind why we get addicted. What actually happens to the mind of someone addicted to cigarettes and why are they addicted? Why is there this vicious circle of smoke, quit, crave, smoke again?

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a modern method of seeing addiction for exactly what it is. It's about breaking the vicious mental circles that addiction puts you through in order that you may be truly without any addiction.

And a very important thing about it is any particular one you conquer addiction in this manner, you don't get any cravings anymore and so you don't need any willpower to complete it.


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