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I've been listening to some old Coldplay songs - as a pretty young Coldplayer I like to discover their older songs. When I've heard the very first chord of this song: Til kingdom come - as if electricity rushed all over my skin. I recognized the sound of the guitar from the very first chord - it was Gibson j 200! I was sure! All the memories appeared in my head again. I've played in a school band when I was 16 & during many years I've been dreaming to have this guitar! I've been listening to it's sound online. I've dreamt to hold it in my hands. Maybe my dream was so strong that the sound of it just stayed in my DNA forever. As it often happens I've got married. I've got 4 kids &my dream stayed a dream. I remember how I cleaned one of the chaoses in my home & found my "dream" album. There was a picture of Gibson and even my old guitar pick. I threw that picture away as an ordinary rubbish & kids had lost the pick. I think that day "me" vanished completely though I hadn't even realize the horror of it. It never came into my mind until these 1st chords which turn my whole inner world upside down. I've got goosebumps & tears. I woke up from a long dream. It's me again! This time I woun't cheat on my dream. I will have my own Gibson j200. I'm sure she's waiting for me - my Beauty ♡

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