9 Reasons Why Bali Becomes the Most Ideal Destination in 2017

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Bali is always one of the wonderful destinations in Asia; the place attracted a lot of tourists visiting each year by beautiful and romantic landscapes. Furthermore, recently Bali is becoming more popular and famous with tourists; the post will explain reasons why Bali is ideal destinations in 2017

1 Bali’s soul

Bali is known as the island of the gods because many ancient Hindu religious symbols are marked in the daily lives of local people. Balinese culture focuses on balance and harmony which are reflected in the many festivals and ceremonies held regularly to express gratitude to the Hindu deities. Good culture is most evident through the friendliness and hospitality of the people. Indonesia has more than 18,000 islands, but Bali’s culture makes it stand out and become a great destination.

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2 Tropical weather

Located in the equatorial area, the weather is hot and humid Bali year-round, only dry season (April-September) and rainy season (October-March). Bali at the peak of the rainy season will rain all day, but most of the day will only rain for about an hour to cool and fresh air. Therefore, you can go to Bali all the time.

3 Beaches

With the seemingly endless coastline, there are dozens of beautiful white sands in Bali for visitors to choose from. Popular areas like Kuta, Legian, Seminyak have bustling beaches, surfing, and other watersports. However, there are still many pristine beaches that are truly captivating. You can look in the local fishing village. The most crowded beaches are around 18th when all gather to watch the sunset dazzlingly fall to Bali.

4 Diversity

Wherever you stay on the island or local ingredients are incorporated with state-of-the-art facilities. Tourists can enjoy cocktails at the resort’s high-end bar, but they are only stepping away from the local eateries serving a very cheap lunch. This diversity helps Bali popular with all types of travelers, from the hordes, families, those who need to relax or the honeymoon couple. Whatever you want, Bali can cater to.

5 Places

There are many historical and cultural attractions in Bali that show the rich heritage of this place. Variety and colorful festivals take place all year round. A great way to learn about local culture is to witness traditional dances or songs or take part in a cooking class. Adventure enthusiasts should go to active volcanoes, volcanic lakes, gorgeous rainforests, amazing waterfalls or boat trips on the river.

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6 Luxury hotels

Bali has become a popular destination for travelers seeking high-quality accommodation with world-class hotels, luxury private villas and the famous seaside club. The island has about 18,000 private villas. This is the choice of many people owning luxury and secluded space, enough space for large groups of visitors or families. They usually have their own staff to take care of them.

7 Clubs, bars, and restaurants

Bali does not sleep in the eyes of people who love a funny party. The staff at the beach bar and club are always busy serving customers all day long until early in the morning, fun points stretch from cheap bar bars to lavish clubs. Bali is also the destination of the world’s top chefs, satisfying the taste of all visitors.

8 Save money

Holidays in Bali are generally considered as money-saving. The typical costs are much lower than other resort destinations, such as taxi fare or very cheap private driving. Around Bali, there is a range of rental villas, all with private pools and care staff. They save money because you can rent a flat for your group or family. The quality here is comparable to a five-star hotel employing private staff, but much lower cost.

9 Shopping

Arts and crafts are the focus of Bali’s culture as well as the ideal souvenir. Handmade crafts, beautiful textiles and unique decorations are widely sold in shops and markets. Hundreds of independent fashion designers create their own signature line in Bali and set up shops in the resort to sell the collection. In addition, Bali has several large commercial centers right at the beach with famous Western brands.

In fact, besides these reasons, there are thousands of other reasons which attracted tourists visiting each year in Bali. Furthermore, Bali is always paradise for traveling in Asia.

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