5 Golf GPS Rangefinders for Playing Golf

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Golf is all about precision and advanced coordination between your eyes and hands. The distance of every shot matters a lot and an accurate shot with correct distance estimation is crucial for success. Experienced golfers have a hawk eye to judge the distance but for newbies it’s a gruelling task. But thanks to the technology that it offers the handiest gadgets in form of range finders for distance measurement to the golfers. These range finders can be used to track the distance to flag, hazard or the green. Some of the rangefinders allow you to install relevant software’s on your mobile phone or the tablet and enjoy your golf session.

These range finders help to accelerate the play by accurately determining the distance of any shot and let you be more confident while swinging your arms for a flawless bash. The golf rangefinders can be of two types.

  • LASER rangefinders
  • GPS rangefinders

 There are thousands of GPS rangefinders available in the market with plenty of modern features and variable price range. They are available in the form of watches or the handheld devices. Here we have compiled 5 best golf GPS rangefinders:

  1. SkyCaddie Touch rangefinder:

This GPS rangefinder is equipped with 35,000 maps of various courses around the globe. It is a handheld GPS finder. The maps are in HD quality and help the golfer to determine the distance of every shot with extreme exactitude and thus applying the perfect power to the shot. It comes with the Intelli Green technology that let you make your distance assessment accurately.

  1. Bushnell Neo iON:

This GPS golf rangefinder is basically a watch. Simply tie it to your wrist and enjoy accurate measurement of the hole with 30,000+ maps of 30 different countries available on it. The modern features of the watch include the measurement of steps taken, four hazard lay-up distances for each hole, battery life comprises of three rounds and an unswerving shot measuring feature. Purchasing this device will give you the perfect value of your investment.

  1. Bushnell Neo Ghost:

Currently the handiest gadget with extremely affordable price range is neo Ghost by Bushnell. What makes this gadget is a must have are the features like front, back yards measurement, shot power estimation, hole recognition and 33,000 courses pre-installed into it. Various colors options is another desired features of this miraculous rangefinder.

  1. GolfBuddy PT4:

This hand held GPS rangefinder device is offered with a 4 inch larger display that let you target your hole most accurately by zooming in and out for the detailed distance measurement and shot power. Display shows clear arcs to highlight the lay-up points. Device offers you the luxury of keeping stats records easily.

  1. Microsoft Band:

A joint venture of Taylor Made and Microsoft has produced this amazing watch band that has made GPS range finding a lot better and effortless. This amazing watch band let you measure the distance to the hole, green or hazard. With accurate distance ad n shot detection you are sure to exert the required power to every golf swing and each shot is sure to earn you maximum results. The most eminent feature of the band is its biometric information related to the steps you have taken; heart beat and number of calories you burned. With accuracy and other wonderful features this band is highly adored by the golfers.

All these GPS range finders are meant to make the game more accelerating and exciting for the players. They are particularly helpful to the new players but equally handy for the pros to improve their game for big matches and tournaments.


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