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Website speed is a pretty necessary part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is what search engines also include when considering your website worldwide ranking and also is used by other companies to consider how big of a recognized site you have. Adding to this it also has a big effect on the people visiting your website, so, for instance,  a guy visits your website but it is running really slow and takes around 10 to 12 seconds just to load up on the screen, The person who came to visit the site will already be frustrated.

The person on your website if it has a slow loading time will either just cross and leave your website without even visiting it or even if he waits for it to load up will already get impatient and frustrated that won’t be willing to go through any more hickups and might just not visit your site ever again assuming you have a bad running site.

  • Even if you have an excellent website with high-quality content and something that really catches visitors eyes but your website lags a lot and even if the page loads up the media takes a while they might just change their mind. This is why along with the other very many factors we consider in making good websites, this is a must to have.


Low HTTP request

According to some sources, HTTP requests take up around eighty percent of the time used up in loading a website since everything is divided into its pieces the internet takes a lot of time to download the different images, scripts, style sheets, etc. In other words, the more there are on page components, the slower website are usually. Now the fix is generally pretty easy and relatively fast. You just need to modify the theme of the site lighten it up a bit, use CSS coding instead of Images where possible and try to combine different elements into one. Not to forget a really easy way also is to put all the coding at the very end of the page.


Large websites have a lot of data and sometimes even up to 100 KB now this might not sound like a big size of the file, but in the internet world it actually is and takes up times to load. In such cases what’s best to do is to take advantage of compression. You can use compression which zips up the files into a smaller size so that the website loads faster.




Optimizing images

Images can be played around with different sizes of images have different loads at various formats. You can use the formats which provide the best quality at low sizes. Many even software’s come made explicitly for this job just to shorten out the size of images.

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