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Acer tech support team will solve all your queries and problems regarding with the Acer laptop. Our support is working 24/7 so you can contact them anytime with your issues. They will give you the best and precise solution.




Acer have amazing laptops and computers with best features to improve the user experience and make the system more efficient and fast to get the work done fast with high processing speed.but, sometimes with software updates or hardware issue laptop runs into a problem. Some of the common problems that users have reported about the Acer laptop are:



Hard disk Drive(HDD) fails to find the disc.



This problem is generally seen in the new laptops of the Acer where Hard Disk Drive fails to read or find the disc. It keeps clicking. The best solution for this problem is to replace the Hard disk Drive.



When you start the laptop but it keeps showing a black screen.



This problem is caused due to the issues in the LCD or backlight of the laptop. There‘s a chance of the backlight of being burned out. Sometimes this issue is also caused by the virus or hardware damage.go to nearest Acer Customer Support for help and fixes the issue.



Stretched images on the screen of the laptop.



It was a common problem that users have seen, to fix it all you have to do is to download an install the latest graphics drivers and restore the setting to recommended settings and you're good to go. It is not a hardware issue.



The laptop is not charging.



The solution for it is to replace the charger after checking out the port of charging and the power source is working fine or not.


These were the common problems that users have reported to about. But if you have any problem or any query about the Acer laptops, then you can contact with the Acer Customer Service to get better assistance on the issue and query. They will guide you and provide the best solution. If your issue in other laptop visit

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