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Better Day is different, instead of offering a huge, unoriginal collection they focus on items that will get you excited about shopping again. Better Day was founded with one simple goal to provide better items at better prices for a better day  Affordable reopro hair straighteners  . They were tired of cookie-cutter apparel stores with the lackluster selection, and boring items. To make sure they can always deliver the best items right to your doorstep they used their vast network of worldwide distributors and manufacturers. They carefully curate just a few unique pieces perfectly suited to people’s needs and hence, because buying online should be fun. Review by Judy. F “Easy to use–works like a regular straightener, but with the addition/option of steam. Water compartment is easy to fill and lasts a few times before refilling. This straightener has allowed me to straighten my hair without drying it out and without pulling–it glides through hair.” Review by -Pam Hamilton Kansas City, Kansas “I bought this flat iron and I have to say…BEST INVESTMENT EVER!! What normally took me 45 minutes to an hour with all the hair I have and long literally took me 20 minutes!! I’m so happy I bought it. Thank you thank you thank you!!!” Review by Deborah. T: “I love this Straightener! The water which makes the steam really makes your hair straight, shiny and smooth with one pass of the straightener. It heats up fast and has multiple heat settings to adjust the temperature. I am able to use a lower heat setting than I did with my previous straightener which I love because it. The fact that it helps keep or put back the moisture in your hair leaving it bouncy and full of body is excellent. This is made of good quality and it has a nice sleek design. The curves on the plates keep the flow of steam breathable so you don’t burn your scalp well thought out.” Review by Brooke. M: “Simple to use and it works great. I haven’t done my hair in years (since having kids and staying at home with them). It felt so good to style my hair and get some self care in. The effects lasted until my next shower. Came in a beautiful box too.” Review by Yang M: “This is better than my friend’s $200 straightener!! Hands down the best purchase I’ve ever made!”


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