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BHAG: sacred partnership. The brief: Learn how to love without losing myself. For years, I avoided intimacy out of the fear of being trapped in an abusive relationship. Now I am ready to risk it. The stakes are high, but the rewards have gotten too tempting - to be seen, desired, nurtured, challenged and loved unconditionally, loved into my divinity. The goal: at least one face-to-face dating event or date per month; can be with the same person.

Done! For the last year, starting from 16 Nov 2017, I have been on 28 dates/events - at least one a month. It was a sensational journey of new experiences that required significant investments of time and emotional energy. I dedicated at least 10-15 hours a week (~700hrs this year!) to using dating apps, learning from relationship experts and reflecting on my experiences in connection with men.

It was worth it. I am proud of how I approached this item because I acted on my soul’s desire, framed it as a SMART goal and then achieved it by balancing incredible emotional courage with complete surrender. I am also genuinely proud of who I have become – a confident, desirable and empathic woman; an interdependent, flourishing human being, ready for sacred partnership.

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Nov 2018: 2nd Arhan
Oct 2018: 14th & 20th Mark
Sep 2018: 28th Jan's dinner date club (Nikhil)
Aug 2018: 19th Dheren (networking?), 26th Jonathon
Jul 2018: 14th Alexander
Jun 2018: 5th Youri (first fourth date!), 15th Arastu
May 2018: 12th & 20th & 26th Youri
Apr 2018: 15th Keshav, 23rd & 28th Scooby
Mar 2018: 3rd Ravindra, 4th Paul, 15th & 25th Kapil
Feb 2018: 3rd Thomas, 4th Muhammed
Jan 2018: 17th Rinay, 24th Speed dating (Kyle), 30th Rehan
Dec 2017: 2nd Rinay, maybe 4th Mo (just friends?)
Nov 2017: 16th Jim, 29th Rinay