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So I finally finished a full week of drinking my 3 litres of water everyday ... do I feel better for it? Not really ...

I was telling a colleague about my challenge and he asked if I felt better for it, and when I thought about it, I really didn't. You're supposed to feel more alert, get less headaches, lose weight, get better skin, but I didn't experience any of these benefits ... the only thing I did feel was a more regular need to go to the toilet!

I don't know ... perhaps, I need to do it longer to feel the benefits, or perhaps it's one of those things where I'll only notice it was doing me any good when I stop doing it! So, I plan on continuing my water drinking, but will just stick to 2 litres going forward ... I feel it's more manageable.

There were days when I easily got my 2 litresĀ in, but then I'd completely forget about the 3rd, and would end up downing it before I went to bed ... which does not a good idea make! It felt more of a chore than a pleasure trying to drink that much!

But my tips for anyone else wanting to give it a go, I'd say...

  1. Sip constantly through the day, rather than downing glassfuls at a time.
  2. Invest in a measured bottle; say 500ml or 1000ml; it's easier to keep track of what you've drank that way.
  3. Place a glass of water somewhere you walk past multiple times a day; every time you pass it, make sure you have a drink.
  4. Your bladder does get used to the increase in water ... don't get me wrong, you'll still go to the toilet more often than you're used to, but it gets less urgent as the days go on!

So yes ... just sticking to 2 litres from now on ... or maybe just wine!

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