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Today I got to hang out with Heavyweight Champion “Iron” Mike Tyson! 


Today I got to hang out with Heavyweight Champion “Iron” Mike Tyson! 

I have been hoping to meet Mike Tyson for a few years now, but haven’t been able to reach him, I got a quick picture with him two years ago at Criss Angel’s HELP fundraiser but it was so busy we didn’t get a chance to really meet. 


I really wanted to have Mike come to my 21st birthday party but his schedule was booked. My mom asked my former (not old 😎) speech teacher whose husband knows some people that know people and as I understand up until my party started they were working on getting him there. When I found out how much they all tried I was so thankful that they would do that for me and I thought it was over there but little did I know that the amazing people behind the scenes working on this didn’t give up there. Tuesday I was blown away when the phone rang and I was told Mike heard about me and my Bucketlist and wanted to come to my home to meet me!The next day Mike walked in my home! 


I got to ask the Champ some questions, show him how I access and control my computer, and hear some of his own stories. He loves his kids and his family so much, he is very thankful for his life and he is extremely kind and funny! I had such an amazing time chatting with him, we took some pics and he brought me a signed boxing glove!!! AWESOME!!!!


The bonus was some new friends I made today, the guys behind making my Bucketlist a reality, Chopper and Herman, incredible people that have humongous hearts! THANK YOU, Chop, Herman, Charles and Verona! You are the proof I am surrounded by the best humans in the world!


THANK YOU Mike, you are more than just a boxing CHAMPION to me!



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