Tips to dress your kids best this wedding season

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Weddings are the most perfect occasions on which the people dress up their best. Everyone tries to take out their best dresses and look perfect. Same is the case with kids. The kids themselves are eager to wear their new and classy dresses for the wedding and if they are too young for that, their parents take care for their dresses.

Our guide to dress your kids up for the wedding day

If you kid is acting as the ring bearer you must need his first suit for the wedding and if your little girl is the flower girl, she is going to need some princess dress. But if none of this is the case, then here we are to tell you about the dressing tips for your kids. You have to dress them up appropriately and according to the occasion so they do not look over dressed as well.

  • Know the specifications about the gender

You must understand that at the wedding day, you have to dress your kids according to their gender. Let us have a look at these requirements separately.

  • For girls

No doubt the frilly girly princess dresses look lovely and amazing on the little girls but there is no need to make them look more sophisticated then the bride herself. Just get a practically comfortable dress for the girls that is not too much fussy and the one that does not hang to the toes. The longer the dress will be, the more are the chances for the kid to tip over them. So keep it shorter and buy the shoes in which the kid can move and play comfortably.


  • For boys

The dress up routine for the boys does not require as much glitter and gold as the girls do. So keep it simple and solid for them. The suits and the tuxedos are the good options for the boys as they will help them blend in well for the black tie weddings, else a simple jeans with some good blazer or jacket is going to make a good impression.


  • Make the child’s comfort your first priority

Remember not to compromise the kid’s comfort over the trend. If your child is too young to carry some specific cloth, do not over burden them with it. If the dress is too tight for the kid, it is going to make him or her uncomfortable and you might get the kid throw tantrums in the public.

Kids like to play around and move on the weddings, it’s their way of enjoyment but a dress to tight or too heavy to bear is going to make them very uncomfortable and miss the childhood they deserve.

If the wedding is in the outdoor at day time, avoid layering the kids in too many clothes as they are going to get uncomfortable. Plus the kids need to go to the rest room again and again and these layers are going to irritate you both.

Last but not the least is to select a super comfortable shoe for the kid. If they cannot move around easily, they are going to seek your lap all the time and trust me you are not going to love that on some wedding at all. Get some flat shoes for the girls and joggers for the boys so they can hop around on will and enjoy themselves.


  • Remember that the age of the child matters a lot

One mistake that many of the parents make is to pick the dresses that are not suitable according to the child’s age. For this matter, you will have to be specific to pick the dresses accordingly. For a little princess, you should pick baby girl special occasion dresses



  • Be practical in choosing the dresses

The most important thing to consider when picking the dress for the special occasion for your kid is to look for the season and the time of the day for the ceremony. If it is some evening party, a light dress would be an amazing idea for the kids. You can keep the jackets for some chilly night and it would be fine.

To ensure that the kid’s clothes stay stain free and with no visible smudges, you can go for the darker tones as well. Keep a spare dress for them in case they spill or get their dress dirty.

If you are spending a good fortune on the kid’s dress for the function, try choosing a dress that would be durable and last longer. Choosing a dress that would tear at the end of the day is not going to be a very practical approach.


  • Accessorize them the best

Last but not the least are the accessories for the kids that are going to add beauty and elegance to their attire. For this you can google up your options once you have made the choice for the dress.

  • The girls look best and elegant with some headbands, clips or some fancy hairdos for the weddings. There are so many options for making the braids or buns for the little girls that they would look lovely in them. Make use of some elegant jewellery according to their age and avoid putting make up on them.
  • For boys you can make use of a good hairdo by applying gel but only if it is appropriate according to their age. You can make use of the bowties to give them a formal look and choose some decent colored tie for the elder kids as well.

We hope wish you a very happy wedding season that you would enjoy with the most perfect looking kids. 


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