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 Since i first saw 'The Pillars of Creation' in the iconic picture by Hubble Space Telescope taken in 1995, i wanted to paint it. I finally did it .. this is the result :)  

Title: The Pillars of Creation Description: The Pillars of Creation are large columns of dust and hydrogen gas in the Eagle Nebula (Messier 16 or M16) where new stars are born and is located in the constellation Serpens Cauda (the tail of the snake). As snakes shed their skin every year, they were known as the symbol of rebirth in ancient Greek society. The Pillars of Creation in this painting represents a Symbol of (Re)birth & Renewal  Material: Acrylic paint on canvas Artist: Wendy-lee Pinas © Soulvisiondesigns Date: 14 - 21 July 2018 Category: Astronomy, Mythology, Symbolism Theme: Symbol of (Re)birth & Renewal Part of a series: Beauty of Nature Technique: 3D with a sponge, palette knife, toothbrush and brushes Framed: Yes Dimensions: Height 80 cm, Wide 60 cm, Depth 1 cm (24 x 31,5 x 0,4 inches) Weight: Light <2kg


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