Things you need to know when you wish to sell your old car

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Although every one of us their ride a lot and we want it to look its best all the time, we cannot imagine parting from it and we want it to be our constant companion forever. However, there comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to say goodbye to your beloved ride and say hello to a newer one as you want to get the best. At that time, it becomes hard for you to decide how you are going to sell your car and you need all the help you can get. Of course you wish to get the best price from selling the car as you have to buy a new one as well.

There are two options for you that you can choose from. One is to sell the car directly to the buyer without getting into to tricky and lengthy procedures, it saves you more money as you do not have to pay to some third person between the two parties and it is a comparatively quicker process. On the other hand is the selling of the car through some dealership. The dealership is the place where there are several other cars available for the sale and purchase. You have to pay some amount to the dealership for selling your car as well and the procedure could get lengthy as well.

Both the procedures are good in their own ways but you can opt for the one that suits you according to your situation and the amount of time you have to get the task fulfilled.

There are a few things on which the sale of the car greatly depends, so if you have the intention to sell your car then you can have a look at these factors and make a rough sketch of the amount you should expect from the buyer or the dealership.

  • Make, model and popularity

These factors greatly determine the amount that you can expect for the car. There are the famous makers of the cars that everyone prefers to go with which is the reason why the chances for you to have good sale are higher. Similarly some models are extremely successful and popular amongst the community and they also play a vital role in determining the price of the car. So if you have one of those favorite cars, your chances for getting a good amount are quite high.


  • Age and mileage of the car

These two factors are also responsible for a good sale of the car as the newer the car is, the better are the chances for you to get it sold at a good price.


  • Condition of the car

It is the most important one of all as a new car but if not in a good condition is not going to appeal the buyer at all. Keep your car clean, get it fixed mechanically and make sure it moves smoothly without disturbing. You can buy stuff for car maintenance and repair from


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