A Lot Of Diverse Types Of Tea

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Green Tea

This kind of tea is very popular, and it holds catechins, which is an antioxidant. Many individuals drink green tea on account of the possible advantages, which comprises playing a role in reducing the risk of getting the cardiovascular illness.

It is also worth indicating that a few individuals drink green tea for the reason that they think that they can lose some weight by drinking it. One of the causes, why green tea is considered to assist individuals to lose some weight, is because it increases the metabolic rate.


Black is one of the most frequently had teas, and it does hold quite a little of caffeine, at least when contrasted to other kinds of tea. Two antioxidants are originated in the black tea, and such two antioxidants have been recognized to lower cholesterol levels. Moreover, if you have three or more cups of this type of tea on an everyday basis, then you can finish up cutting the risk of stroke by up to twenty-one percent.

White Tea:

If you are seeking a healthy tea, then glance no ahead than white tea. It holds catechins, just like the green tea. Drinking white tea on a usual basis might even cut the peril of having a reappearance of cancer in breast cancer survivors. Apart from that, this type is chaste of all teas, and it’s the slightest processed of them all.

It is also not fermented, and the leaves that are utilized to make it are desiccated naturally, more often than not through steaming methods or sun drying. Don't be anxious about whether or not white tea has a pure flavor to it because it does have a bit sugariness to it, so you’ll love consuming it.


Oolong tea is frequently served in Chinese bistros, and it is recognized is exceptionally flavorful, so if you covet to have a tea with a sweet flavor to it, then Oolong is for you. You must acquaint that Oolong tea is costly, and most Oolongs originate from Taiwan, and it is just semi-fermented. A lot of drinkers like to have it without lemon, milk, or sugar. It is not because they do not like lemon, sugar, or milk, it’s because this type of tea has an extremely delicate taste.


Individuals make tea from different things, including onions, berries, orange peels and peach leaves. Certain kinds of flowers are also utilized for tea. Spices, herbs, and oils are frequently used too. If you are seeking teas that have exceptional flavors to it, or you only covet tea with some strong taste to it, then you’ll want to get your hands on some tasteful tea.


Blends are the ones that are not from a solitary family, hence the name. Teas that come from this group of tea has been made with other diverse kinds of teas. A few common blends that you might be involved in trying include English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey, and Caravan. There are a lot of brands that product blends and they can be bought in just about any store.

Those are the diverse kinds of tea. Now that you acquaint what the diverse ones are, you can settle on which one you covet to try.

Reference: chinateahouse.eu


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