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 I took a writing class in high school during my junior year I believe and so I had plenty of things lying around when I came upon the now missing site poetry.com. As a result I had submitted a few of my pieces to them not knowing they were a now-believed scamming group and so they claimed it was published. Whether it ever was or not I don't know but a few of my poems did make it out into the world.

Fog-Covered Cemetery ©2004

Left alone and untended in the field, The little river's whisper softly lulls A cradled cemetary in its hold. Social headstones rise alone Cold and mute guards as the river fog rises Tenderly, curls wind through Touching and pulling back. Awe-struck at the dourness, Respecting the wish of peace. Twittering birds flutter down, A squirrel's tail flicks... Gentle chirring breaks through. Then softly the wind blows Cruelly tearing and driving away the fog, A full moon smiles softly in her court, Reaching down and caressing, Her silver beams blessing the beds of the dead.


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