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 I have never been to a drive-in and was excited for this opportunity to actually see one and although there were nearer ones we chose Kanopolis since it is a small town while that was the feel we wanted. As a result we had to driver over two hours through some beautful land to get there.

  The theatre was on the edge of town and there was already a small line of cars waiting so we just pulled on up to wait until it opened, which was about 15 minutes. Fortunately for us Cody chose to get a spot in the first row although there were benches out and room on the yard if you wanted to actually sit outside your car for the movie. Surprisingly there were a lot of people who had brought foldable chairs or blankets for that purpose.

 The screen was 60x30 and there were a lot of dragonflies around as we waited for the hour to pass for the sun to go all the way down. Instead of using the old speakers, they allowed you to tune into a radio station so the audio was pretty much updated.

 Other fun yet weird things were the announcements and ads were vintage even though the movie was modern. And then we were asked to please stand to do the National Anthem. I have never ever been in a theater that asked you to do that while unexpected as it was I thought it was nice.

 After the movie started there was luckily a nice breeze to keep things cool due to incoming storm systems but the mosquitoes have left me itchy. Otherwise the lightning to the east and the occasional firefly made it pretty relaxing.

 Enjoyable experience and fun yes but I think altogether I can say I am just not a movie theater type of person whether indoor or out.

 Movie: Hobbs & Shaw; we skipped out on Good Boys due to the rating and producer.

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