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  First of all I know two meanings for my name. First of all the one that is assigned to the name itself as its origin and usually found in baby books for those who are interested.

 The second meaning of my name is actually more intimate. My biological name was Julia Earlene while I found out that it was in honor of both of my grandmothers as Julia was the given of my paternal grandmother and Earlene was the middle name of my maternal grandmother while also possibly a way of passing on the name as my great-grandfather's middle name was Earl.

 When I was adopted, though, I was only given an opportunity to keep my first name while the middle name was changed. As to why it was changed to what it was I won't be finding that out any time soon.

 Fun fact: Julia is the female form of Julius and one of my maternal ancestors' given was Julius. Now talk about coincidence.

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