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   We had rescued a catbird who had flown into a glass door but when we got him to the sanctuary they put him down since they said he had too much inside damage.

 Our little success story though was the bee. I am not sure if it was a carpenter bee or a bumblebee but we were on the way to my husband's grandfather's funeral. The month had taken a bit of a turn to chilly weather so when we stepped out the door my husband noticed the bee on the ground.

 We almost passed him by but my husband has a big heart even when we are suppose to be going somewhere. So we gently scooped him up then put him on the A/C unit while covering him with a leaf while hoping for the best.

 Unfortunately it weighed on both of us as we stopped to grab some food to eat and so I looked it up on possible bee rescues. Getting a packet of sugar we made it back home where the bee hadn't moved. We scooped him up and took him inside where on a small saucer we combined the sugar with water while he was to the point where he wasn't standing.

 Worried but unable to find something smaller for the time being we put him on the edge of where the sugar water was, put the leaf back on him and left while again hoping for the best.

 On the way home we were dreading to know what we would find. Surprisingly our bee was alive and kicking although since of how we left him his wings were sticky. Carefully holding him I wiped his wings very gently with a warm piece of toilet paper. Along with his buzzing his wings they were unable to stick and move.

 My husband then took the bee outside and he took off to whereever he was meant to be in the first place. We have been excited since and my husband brings up this story occasionally as a reminder we saved a bee.

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