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  The one homework assignment I loathed as a child and still do as an adult is the one where the teacher tells you to sit down then write about where you see yourself in ten years. I may not be that creative when it came to my life but I could never actually see where I would be in that time.

 Instead my life seems to have changed out interesting and fun as I pass through both the good experiences and the bad even without a map. I seek out what I want to do when I can, accept what I cannot even if I butt my head against it a few times and try to learn somehting new when I get a chance. And even revisiting some of the older haunts I don't find myself tied to stay.

 I know that in all this crazy traveling and exploring, in this seeking, I have found my true self again and although my demons may not be fully vanquished they don't control me either. I am starting to see where I am now standing, to know life isn't just a point on someone's map and that true freedom is getting to nurture yourself in all poinst whether you are anchored down for the time being or out making a mark.

 Surely there are times that I may be lost in getting to a certain destination and confused as to what my own last destination may be before passing but it just means time to take a breather. And if it comes to me in my own private destination than it comes but if not there is nothing else for me to do but move on.

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