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 After we got back from our trip to Des Moines, we chose to hike the other part of the Levee Trail that was in agreement with each other in the design of copying the hike from three weeks ago when we returned from York.

 As a result we ended up in Riverfront Park where we took the hiker's trail. I don't know if by any chance due to the reconstruction along the shore whether we ended up on the biker's trail instead of taking the loop back or what happened but we pressed on further into the riverine undergrowth. And by God's good will something had me look left as we went on down the path.

 To my left I saw a very small owl in a tree and after about a minute or two I was able to get my husband's focus on the bird. The picture isn't the best since we were trying to not scare the bird and to respect its personal space even as we gawked at it.

 It seems to us that we came across a birder's dream for this little guy is a rufous morph Eastern screech owl. Not only is it one of the smallest species in Kansas and very secretive but the morph itself is only 7% of the screech owl population. We definitely got a blessing here in our hike and it didn't even phase us we got lost in the woods due to the oncoming night.

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