How the gaming industry has revolutionized in the past 10 years?

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The world has been seeing the revolution in the world of technology as the days are passing and for the last decade everything seems to have changed a lot. The technology advancements are effecting each and every industry and are responsible for bringing day to day changes in the life of people.

Similarly the gaming industry has revolutionized a lot since the time of its beginning and till today the changes have become so pronounced that there is nothing left like the initial world of it. In the very start of the video game, a game named pong was introduced that was simplest one and all you had to do was to keep striking the ball all the time. For that time, it was sufficient for the people who loved to play the games.

As the world of technology started to evolve, every new technique was introduced into the world of gaming and gradually it all changed. The graphics were added to the games, the new technology for playing was introduced, the initially simple games were getting complex with time and the people were loving them more than ever. Not only were these changing in the gaming industry were making remarkable evolutions in this world, but also the integration of the games in mobile phones and their connectivity with the internet was a ground breaking reality that no one could deny. This made things far better than before for the people and now the world is gaming has reached such a level that we cannot even imagine how far it would go.

We will now throw some light on the ways that the online gaming has evolved with the ways by which it has got integrated with the mobile phones and the internet.


Mobile phones and online games

There is no end to the world of possibilities that the mobile phones and the games in these phones have opened. Today the revenue that is getting generated with the mobile phones and the games played on them has reached the highest point, which is 51% of the whole revenue generated by the game playing. The most amazing thing about the game being played on the mobile phone is that you can take it with you no matter where you are, while the games that were played on the PCs and the other such devices asked you to sit in front of them and play the game. You could get tired and bored of the same environment and the game would eventually lose its touch. But with the mobile phone in your hand and the game going on in it, you can now play where ever you want to. You can play your favorite game on your way back home from office, you can even play it while you are sitting idle and waiting for the bus to arrive or at any other time of the day, whenever you have time. So this way your mobile is your companion in your game playing routine and can help you a lot in getting fully entertained and stay busy all the time.


The memory and the processors of the mobile phone gaming has developed so much that today, the games and their variety is no more limited to simple and easy games, rather the complex and high quality games are also included in the mobile phone games and people like to play them. Each game when launched today, releases its mobile phone version as well so that the people can download either the iPhone or the Android version of these games easily and play them on the mobile all the time.



Collaborative multiplayer live games

Other than the games played on the mobile phones, there are games that require consoles and PCs to play them since they are played on a large level with the players that are all playing the games on their devices. These games involve a lot of player, each playing on their own and each being the part of the team where they are playing. This way everyone can enjoy the game as well as they can stay connected to each other and chat and converse. In such types of the games, all that the people have to do is to enter a live server, start playing the game in there and battle with each other.

These games have long been popular as they have been in the game for last ten years but the revolution and evolution that has taken place at this time was not there before. So these games are far more fun and enjoyable today. These games are enjoyable also for those who like to play the table games and the board games and they try to make real money out of it as well.

The addition of the 3D glasses to such live games are also something that people love to have as these glasses enable you to see the world on the screen as a world where you are actually present. The dinosaurs that attack are for real and they are right at you when you have to make a run for dear life. Also when you are driving your car, you get a chance to feel the inside of the car and drive it with it. So the more you get into this world the better you feel at it.


Cloud gaming

We all are familiar with the concept of cloud streaming, thanks to Netflix for that, but the concept of cloud gaming is rather new for us but it is getting extremely popular with every passing day. With cloud streaming, you can stream the latest versions of the game and their updates and keep playing them with the other online. You can store these updates to the device you are using and further keep getting the updates on the games in order to avoid any lag or delay in game playing.


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