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Playing games have always been a favourite activity for all. However, the gaming industry itself has had a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Despite that it has made an implausible mark upon the world, thanks to the unbelievable development of technology that has created a tsunami in the online gaming world, changing the lives of millions of gamers out there.

Initially, teenagers who were into video games were considered dull and isolated from the world. The continuously playing of games was regarded as wasting time and that no good could come out of this. However, now, all these statements are now considered as myths because online gaming is now a profession in itself, through which one can make millions.

With the introduction of brand new technologies and further introduction of advancement, various universities have begun offering degrees for those who would want to kick-start their careers in designing, playing games. Furthermore, various tournaments are held for gamers to compete with one and another in order to win incredible prizes. It has become a place where people can not only make money but have an enormous amount of fun and yes it’s an addiction like no other.

Even though many incredible changes have taken place in how we use to play games. The explosion came from ‘the internet’ and ofcourse the advancement of technology. Some of these brand new changes can be found in this article.

Online Video games have come a long way

Time travelling back to 30 years ago, none of us could have imagined being able to play games with such ease and joy. Video games have been a part of our culture for the longest time. Some of the games we would remember would be Space Invaders, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog and so many more that we have played growing up.

Today, in the 21st century, games are closer to reality like Playboy888 than we would have ever imagined. Game designers design their games very similar to a movie, with many more stages, goals and what not. They know exactly what the player and wants. They adjust it by adding more levels, increasing difficulty, higher scores and numerous surprises that players keep coming for more. The introduction of technologies such as 3D, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, a person is actually able to step in the shoes of the player and enter their world where explore new realities.

Portable Gaming

Remember when you bought your very first play station, there were numerous wires to connect and you could only connect it to your TV and you had numerous fights with your sibling when he or she wanted to watch TV. However, those days are over when video games were limited to our TV screens. With the introduction of mobile phones, tablets as well as the internet facility becoming more convenient, people can easily find a sea of games available on their respective phones, download them or play online as they are on the go.


Initially, one person at a time could play a particular game. Slowly, multiple player options came in and several games such fight or racing games allowed you to play with your friends or siblings. However, it required friends to travel to each other’s homes in order to play together. What a bummer, right? But with the dawn of the internet, players can be connected from anywhere in the world to play games. That is the power of the internet. Video gamers tend to be more socially connected that many others. Games such as counter strike allow you to compete against several players found in any geographic location and battle each other out so that you can have the immense satisfaction of winning.

Access to more games

Before the internet changed the way gaming industry worked. People had to pay a lot to purchase games and play. There were very limited games that one could afford to play. However, the evolution of the internet created a complete U-turn to the accessibility of games. Smartphones and tablets have enabled us to download and play the innumerable amount of games. There are some games that we need to purchase and play but the prices are way less when compared previously. Having said that, gamers have found loopholes to craft the graphics impressively

Gaming tips and tricks

Remember buying your favourite game and playing endlessly until you got stuck onto a level and had no idea to go about it. Yes, this was a time when we had to go through pages of guides to get through a tough level. Thank God, those days are gone since the internet became our prime source of the solution to any problem. Online gaming has created a platform and websites that are purely dedicated to players or gamers. There are internet chat rooms and YouTube videos you can look up to discover a community of gamers telling you or better yet showing you exactly how to tackle that particular level. It is as easy as that.

Online Gaming- What is in store?

Online gaming has unravelled itself like a Christmas present and embedded itself in our culture. Every day innumerable people are purchasing games, playing and subscribing. Gaming has now become a process of learning in a large number of institutes. It has been stated that games aids learning and makes the brain sharper.

It has been suggested that the gaming industry will see a further boom as technology and computer system is evolving at a speed of light. With the introduction of technologies such as 3D, virtual reality and artificial intelligence has created worlds beyond people’s imaginations and the immense joy forces them to keep coming back for more. Furthermore, the internet has played an immensely important role in revolutionizing the gaming industry and continues to do so. It has made an online community of gamers, made it more accessible and what’s more is that you are able to enter worlds full of excitement, challenge, and adventure. Therefore, one cannot predict what’s next but definitely something beyond our wishful thinking.

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