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Teas I've tried:

  1. Darjeeling
  2. Dianhong
  3. Lapsang souchong
  4. Green (and ones with different infusions e.g. lemon, mint)
  5. Earl grey
  6. Jasmine
  7. Oolong tea
  8. Wild cherry
  9. Peppermint 
  10. Elderflower
  11. Citrus and Vanilla 
  12. Dandelion 
  13. Nettle
  14. Apple
  15. Chamomile Tea
  16. Orange and coconut
  17. Lemon and honey
  18. Wild berry
  19. Lemongrass 
  20. Chai

My favourite teas are: Green infused with Jasmine, Lemon and Honey (great for a sore throat), Chai, Darjeeling (a light tea that I like to have with my lunch), Fauchons Apple tea and of course Yorkshire tea (my go to cuppa). 

I did not have to travel too much for my tea as I was gifted ones from Fauchon Paris, Clipper tea, the tea selection in local coffee shops, supermarkets and my favourite tea shop in the UK: Fortnum & Mason  in London, Piccadilly. 

I love trying a variety of teas and didn't know how many there were before and how many I'm yet to try. I would love to drink tea in china in the future and eventually try some white tea.

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