How do you get Free V Bucks in Fortnite?

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Although the Fortnite Battle Royale free to play game strategy does not require you to spend a lot of money for playing the game but you could still need them at any time in the game. The v bucks serve as the in game currency for the player and lets the player purchase a number of available items from the game’s play store. These items usually are the costumes and their upgrades. Earning the v bucks is based on your gaming, the better you play the game, the better number of v bucks you can earn.

The simplest and the easiest way to earn the v bucks in the game is to complete the missions and play well. However, if you are in need of v bucks and you do not want to spend any real money just for the sake of the game, you can look for the completely free ways of getting the v bucks and staying in the game just the way you want.

Since this is a very popular game we are talking about, so it is understood that the scammers try to fool the players by offering their so called FREE strategies to get the v bucks, however their ways could make you get banned from the game or lose all the profile points you had earned before. Therefore it is necessary to know about the free and safe ways to earn the v bucks.

In the following passage we are going to discuss the only free methods that will let you earn the Fortnite free v bucks more and continue to play just the way you want to. These are easy ways and does not require you to empty your pocket for playing the game. Let us have a look at these ways.

1.Daily login

Logging in to play the game every day can help you gain the rewards and free v bucks from the game. It is not necessary that you get the v bucks daily, however, logging in daily will increase your chances to win them.

2.Complete daily quests

Then there are certain simple tasks in the game that require you to complete them and get the rewards. The rewards could be anything from costumes to v bucks. So make sure you are completing these tasks as well.


3.Complete storm shield missions

On completing these missions you can earn a handsome amount of v bucks.


4.Complete challenges and side quests

Not all the challenges and side quests will end in earning v bucks, but you can earn till 150 of them.


5.Participate in events

Events do appear from time to time in the game and participating in them will help you get the v bucks.


6.Make use of the free v bucks generator

You can also earn the v bucks with the help of the Fortnite v bucks generator.


7.Buy a high end v bucks package

Buying a higher valued package will result in more free v bucks.


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