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It was pretty good, i ate some Idly (which is breakfast) for lunch at Madras in Lusaka after a long and stressful half day, trying to get something through that would allow me to travel even more. I treated myself with one of the first 3 things on the menu(the cheapest actually). I went into Madras just to only see the prices and ended up staying and enjoying the somewhat wieerd tasting food, because well...YOLO.

THE FOOD WAS SO SPICY and im guessing that what i got is on the mild end of the Indian spice family. I was a bit wierded out by the texture of the white stuffd, which was grainy but actually tasty and also the 2 leaves under the white stuff. I ate 1 of em. The soup was spicy and good, and the side pumkin like stuff was ok i guess and probably the spiciest. The white stuff sort of like countered the spicyness and cooled it down. Then there was the bread, it was wetty and cooked well im guessing and i was just dipping it in the soups. The awkward bit was what utensil was suppossed to be used where, yeah i didnt know but i winged it, pretty well. But ill definitely try more indian food.

Bummer: I wasnt waited on by actual indians, but by local zambian black people, as i usually am.

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