Donate 10,000 Grains of Rice On Free Rice

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 I actually found this idea off a few other lists and thought to give it a try. To get the "grains" all you have to do is play a few multiple answer quiz-type games with vocabulary seeming to be the default. The more you answer correctly the harder the answers become unless you eithe reset your level, change categories or get enough wrong that they take you back down a level.

 As to the ads that they have I didn't like them due to the fact that the message seems to be most of those activist-types where they are pushing their beliefs on you. As a result I am not quite sure whether I would have supported or done much of anything with the group, especially as I don't know their history either in contributions.

 Otherwise it did give a bit of a break from the usual phone app and was kind of easy for me. At least I can say that I have contributed if anything at all does come out of playing the games.

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