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 There are just some things that can be repeated over and over again so why say they are completed when you can start over? And then there are other things in which you can also select Complete but they work even better as goals that lead one's life while helping in making decisions in the future. As a result I am going to keep some Active even though it has already been completed.


  • Forgive Others
  • Give Someone A Reason To Believe In God
  • Pray Regularly
  • Reclaim Sundays As A Day For Rest or Fun Rather Than For Housework or Errands


  • Try New Foods
  • Learn & Check Off My Animal Neighbors
  • Live Within My Means
  • Master A New Work-Related Skill Each Year
  • Seek A Wilderness Where Even Short Walks Offer Stupendous Views


  • Abstain From Alcohol
  • Establish A Healthy Work-Life Balance
  • Find A Way To Love the Job You Have
  • Forgive Myself
  • Refuse To Watch Modern Horror Movies
  • Take Time 

 Dealing With Others

  • Have A Passionate Love Affair
  • Have An Epic Interest In People
  • Learn the Janitor's Name
  • Practice Acts of Kindness
  • Protect the Innocent
  • Spend Time With Loved Ones In the Evening
  • Tell Someone You Love Them Every Day (Yourself & Pets Count Too!)
  • Tell the Truth, Especially When It Is Hard

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