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 I'm not much of a music fan but I have a few songs that I can relate to and others that I cannot. One of the songs that truly bothers me was "Who Says You Can't Go Home":

Who says you can't go home? There's only one place they call me one of their own Just a hometown boy born a rolling stone Who says you can't go home? Who says you can't go back? I been all around the world and as a matter of fact There's only one place left I wanna go

 For me I could never understand this sentiment since I haven't felt the need to go home nor ever felt that if I did return to my hometown that I would be welcomed by those I knew. Also I don't think I made many enemies but that part of my life was so temporary that I feel there is no actual bond. That and the fact that so many things have changed in my hometown since I have left.

 Instead I felt more like Reba as she played the older Fancy who came back to the old homestead where everything started for her as everything else fell apart in her life. In this case when I came home to say goodbye the iconic house had been razed thus throwing everything out of proportion for me.

 In fact we drove past the lot twice before finding a bit of the drive to turn into. The house was gone and its markers to signify where it had even been although the sinking ground suggested as to the spaces underneath even if filled. Looking at the back yard without the house to measure everything with I felt lost for things didn't feel like they belonged where they now stood.

 The dragon tree with its orange bark was now without its dragon and one of the two apple trees had vanished. Who knows what its fate had been or when.... And everything even though so open and big just seemed really small and compact. 

 So yes quite definitely for me there is no going back home, no more settling roots in that rotten dead ground and trying to revive a past that is better off tucked aside. Instead it is time to find my new hometown and get some strong healthy roots sunk in.

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