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I don't remember the exact date but I got my first tattoo with one of my best friends (known each other for 24 years at that time) when I went to see her on vacation in June 2007. We got the same tattoo in the same place. Then my next tattoo I got a rose - my mother grew roses in our front yard when I was a kit & I am a big fan of the movie Titanic with the character Rose & Lost also has a strong character Rose and my mother has a floral name even though it isn't Rose :-)   (it is Daisy). I got the rose tattoo with a couple of friends in Biloxi  on the way home from seeing the first friend in 2007. Then when I had my 40th birthday in August 2008 I had a Celtic knot tattoo put on the back of my neck.  No beginning, no end, circle of life kind of thing but I also love all things Irish.  So those are my tats so far............................

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