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  1. Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret
  2. Perloo The Bold
  3. Harry Potter; And The Philophiser's Stone
  4. Harry Potter; And The Chamber Of Secrets
  5. Harry Potter; And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
  6. Harry Potter; And The Goblet Of Fire
  7. Harry Potter; And The Order Of The Pheonix
  8. Harry Potter; And The Half-Blood Prince
  9. Harry Potter; And The Deathly Hallows
  10. Agatha Christie; And Then There Were None
  11. Agatha Chritie; Thirteen At Dinner
  12. Gravesavers
  13. Chicken Noodle Soup; for the Teenage Soul I
  14. Chicken Noodle Soup; for the Teenage Soul II
  15. Chicken Noodle Soup; for the Teenage Soul III
  16. Star Wars I
  17. Goosebumps: Stay Out of the Basement
  18. Goosebumps: Monster Blood
  19. Goosebumps: Say Cheese and Die
  20. Goosebumps: The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb
  21. Goosebumps: Let's Get Invisible
  22. Goosebumps: Night of the Living Dummy
  23. Goosebumps: Welcome to Camp Nightmare
  24. Goosebumps: Be Careful What You Wish For
  25. Goosebumps: One Day At Horrorland
  26. Goosebumps: Monster Blood II
  27. Goosebumps: The Scarecorw Walks At Midnight
  28. Goosebumps: Return of the Mummy
  29. Goosebumps: Night of the Living Dummy II
  30. Goosebumps: The Horror at Camp JellyJam
  31. Goosebumps: Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes
  32. Goosebumps: The Headless Ghost
  33. Goosebumps: How I Got My Shrunken Head
  34. Goosebumps: Night of the Living Dummy III
  35. Goosebumps: Say Cheese and Die ! - Again !
  36. Goosebumps: Bad Hare Day
  37. Goosebumps: How I Learned To Fly
  38. Goosebumps: Don't Go To Sleep
  39. Goosebumps: Deep Trouble
  40. Goosebumps: Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid !
  41. Goosebumps: Tick Tock You're Dead
  42. Fear Street: The New Girl
  43. Fear Street: The Prom Queen
  44. Fear Street: The Overnight
  45. Fear Street: First Date
  46. Fear Street: Dead End
  47. Fear Street: Switched
  48. Fear Street: Secret Admirer
  49. Fear Street: The Rich Girl
  50. *The Hunger Games
  51. Catching Fire
  52. Mocking Jay
  53. Ghost Dog
  54. Smurfs: Black Smurfs
  55. Smurfs: Smurfette
  56. Smurfs: The Egg and The Smurfs
  57. Smurfs: Histoires
  58. Smurfs: Smurf Olympics
  59. Smurfs: Baby Smurf
  60. Life's Little Instruction Booklet
  61. Live And Learn And Pass It On
  62. Footprints
  63. Friendship
  64. As Man Thinkeith
  65. Simple Thoughts On Happiness
  66. Lord Of The Flies
  67. Canadian Disasters
  68. Childcraft: How Things Work
  69. Childcraft: Guide To Childcraft
  70. Childcraft: Places To Know
  71. Childcraft: Animals
  72. Childcraft: Dinosaurs
  73. Childcraft: Build It
  74. Stargirl
  75. Starboy
  76. Chicken Pocks
  77. A Series Of Unfortunate Events: Bad Beginning
  78. A Series Of Unfortunate Events:  The Reptile Room
  79. A Series Of Unfortunate Events:  Wide Window
  80. A Series Of Unfortunate Events: Miserable Mill
  81. A Series Of Unfortunate Events: Austere Academy
  82. Bridge To Terribithea
  83. The Golden Compass
  84. Alice In Wonderland
  85. My Sisters Keeper
  86. Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet
  87. Shakespeare: Twelfth Night
  88. Shakespeare: A Midsummer Nights Dream
  89. To Kill A MockingBird
  90. Stiches
  91. Runaway
  92. Charlottes Wed
  93. Cut
  94. Coraline
  95. Twilight: Twilight
  96. Twilight: New Moon
  97. Uglies: Uglies
  98. Speak
  99. Lush
  100. Bounce
  101. The Lottery
  102. Perfect
  103. Airborne
  104. Skybreaker
  105. The Arts And Science Of Leonardo Da Vinci

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